Seems like more often I say did you check out mobility wod. com?  FLEXIBILITY issues it will effect every bit of your workouts wether its tight ankles which could be a reason why you fall out at the bottom of a squat.  Shoulder can you lock out? I could go on, but what I did for you was your homework.  I went to one of my favorite sites and Im posting for you.  Maybe you will enjoy enough to go yourself and check it out.  IT  will help you out tremendously maybe fix the the quirks in your lifts or just your air squat.

Problem With Compromised Position? Everything

Hey Mwodies,

Today’s episode highlights some of the more subtle problems of missing range of motion.  When an athlete is mission crucial movement ranges, they end up paying for it in spades.  Missing shoulder IR? Watch what happens to your neck.  And then your nervous tissues at the shoulder.  And then your elbows are wonky.  And sorry about your crappy wrist pain.  Doode.  It’s simple.  You need to be normal. No more, no less. You are a system of systems.   Need normal shoulders?  Fix your up stream and down stream business.  Need a normal neck? Fix your down stream business.  I mean, how you gonna win if you ain’t right within? (thanks Lauryn Hill, Fugee Leopard.





400 Meter Run

10 Power Clean 135/95

10 Burpees

400 Meter Run