I heard “My Stomach is on Fire”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJXJOU-PpPw      DID your Wall Climbs look like this??? They are deceiving!!! 

Strength DeadLifts



7 Wall Climbs

15 Push Ups

50 Sit ups

3 Rounds For Time


  1. Of course my wall climbs looked that good! and my sit ups looked like this….

  2. Of course they did!

  3. Mine looked even better than that!!! I mean, apart from the times that I kept falling down!!! ;)

  4. Why was MOD added to so many names on the board? Does that mean ‘modify’ and if so, what if you didn’t modify?

  5. katherine says:

    Charles, if you didnt modify and your whole workout was Rx let us know and we will make a correction!!:)

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