TEAM unity, TEAM building, TEAM Spirit!  It is awesome how all the TEAMs are coalescing here at PCF.  Even so…we had a great turn out to cheer on our BOX competitors at Oktober Obliteration III crossing TEAM lines.  It really helps to have YOU there CHEERING, YELLING and YELLING some more!

Great Turn OUT today…MOST EVER on the board!

Competition is not the END all BE all of CROSSFIT …

First, of all we do have a lot of athletes here who have a lot of heart. BUT apparently, some athletes here at PCF are so focused on the board and what is going on the board that they are cheating for a time, not counting all their reps, not following through and using full range of motion on all of their movements.  How long have you been on the band doing pull-ups? Getting off the band and finishing a WOD will feel great!

Today’s WOD was supposed to be HEAVY Deadlifts, and HSPUs…not a high number in total so it wasn’t supposed to be easy for you.  Anyone who did it at less than prescribed weight and with too easy of a HSPU modification and did it in less than 10 minutes cheated themselves.  I haven’t even looked at the WOD photo yet so please don’t think I am talking about YOU, but maybe I am BECAUSE this blog is SPEAKING to you.  I am here to improve myself, push myself, be better for myself – ASK yourself WHY am I HERE????

Let us look at handstand push ups and its many modifications.  I started on a box, I was only on a 24″ box for a month then moved to the bands.  From there I moved to three mats.  At Crossfit FxTx I did 5 rounds of one mat HSPU +3 it took me a minute and a half to get three more HSPU I couldn’t finish another round.  Today after 26 (and maybe I am still recovering from Saturday but I am not going to make excuses, sjhouldn’t make excuses) I put a second mat on top.  I still had to KIP some of those HSPU…I was at muscle failure/fatigue – WERE YOU?

If you can flip up against the wall into a handstand then you can  do a three mat HSPU.  Is it easy?  Is it comfortable?  NO!!!! IT won’t be… Others of you should pick a higher box so that you are pushing up more of your weight, try the new 30″ box.  Get on the bands and try them that way.

On Dead Lifts – stand up all the way, complete the rep.  Same with box jumps, squats and burpees your hips should be open at the top of the move.  When was the last time you tried a box jump instead of a step up? Was it hard?  Did it take longer to do ten?  Of course it did!  Get out of your comfort zone and do the harder movement, it is the ONLY way you will get better.

DEAL MAKER….IF you will write up on the white board that you have committed to switching from step-ups to box jumps (someone will have to start a list) or even post it on PCF’s FB wall, then I will step it up and do all my box jumps on the 24″ box (it will suck and I will be slower), BUT we will BOTH be BETTER for it.

Do you break parallel on squats?  Are you working on your flexibility to get there?  It is a lot easier to do part of a movement than to push yourself and get full range of motion out of it.  How long have you been doing PUSHUPs on your KNEES?  HAS it REALLY been that LONG? GET OFF YOUR KNEES!

Okay Kat, Linz and Shawn was that the essence of what you wanted the blog to say?  Cause I couldn’t stop once I started!

DIANE 21-15-9

225/185 DL and HSPU