Please note, that in an effort to better ensure that our afternoon class times are more easily accessible to all, we are pleased to announce the following changes to our schedule:

1) Regularly scheduled 9:30AM class times are currently being held Monday – Friday.

2) Beginning on Monday July 29th,  where our afternoon class times have previously begun 15 minutes after the start of the hour, we will now shift class times back to start on the half hour.  New afternoon class times will be 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30PM.

3) Beginning Thursday, August 1st, we will begin conducting regularly scheduled 5:15AM and 6:15AM classes.

4) Also don’t forget about our new “Open Gym” times on Tuesday and Thursday evenings!

Please see our new schedule below.  Remember, the afternoon class time changes do not begin until Monday July 29th


  Monday   Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday    Friday  Saturday
5:15 AM  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
6:15 AM
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
4:30 PM
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM Open Gym Open Gym