1. (of ink or a pen) Making marks that cannot be removed.
  2. Not able to be forgotten or removed: “his story made an indelible impression on me”.
Have you made a long lasting GOOD impression on someone in the BOX this week? Did you reach out and introduce yourself to someone new when they entered the box? Sabrina Koogler said that the key to coming back after her first WOD with us was the way we treated her!  Be friendly, be outgoing make them feel welcome, make them feel special; make an indelible FIRST impression!
AND INK…yes, WE keep harping on journaling!  Have you gotten the idea yet that it is yet another tool that we expect you to use?  Kat has ordered 25 Crossfit Journals…First Come, First Served – the first 25 PCF Athletes who post a comment to this blog will be able to purchase the Journals for $20.  After the frist 25 are gone there will be a waiting list for the next shipment.  Just like a good laboratory notebook, your journal should be kept in INDELIBLE INK.  Share your vision make sure that you dream big, set those goals and and record your accomplishments in your journal.  Cross out your mistakes, you can’t erase them… you can’t embellish later…speak plainly to yourself, BE REAL
WOD October 18, 2011
20 T2B
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Hang Power Cleans
3 Hang Power Cleans