I video’d a WOD the other day and watched it after I got home that night.  I was not surprised that people were shorting their reps since every time we suspect someone is cheating and we count their reps we confirm our suspicions EVERY SINGLE TIME, but I was surprised about the number of people who did it in a single class.

Here is good post from Crossfit Dad’s Blog:  In CrossFit there is no room for cheating because it flat out gets you absolutely nowhere. Not only do people not respect the cheater, but they also question their integrity in general. There is no reason to cheat, when it comes down to brass tax and you are judged, you will be discovered and called out. On top of that the cheater might feel great that they are always toward the top of the leaderboard, but they are not progressing as much the person that is next to them because they are doing less work. Over time they just have to cheat more and more to try and keep up. Really, they only thing they are cheating are themselves. They are cheating themselves out of maximum results, out of respect from others, and out of feeling the absolute satisfaction of being proud of laying it all out on the line and getting an honest win.

We as owners and coaches have used every single trick we know. We have warned our athletes, we have spoken to them in private, we have publicly admonished them, taken away the board for a few weeks, but it continues to happen EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Imagine the environment that will follow after something like this happens:  Athlete 1 is 6 months into Crossfit, does almost all WODS rx’d, watches their nutrition, works on range of motion, stretches after each WOD, finishes in top 5 every workout and gives it their all day in and day out. Athlete 2 is 2 months into Crossfit, is doing workouts rx’d, but struggles, appears to others to be giving it their all and finishes just ahead of athlete 1 almost every time by just a fraction. Athlete 1 is frustrated because they work so hard and are getting beat by athlete 2 who just started, but athlete 1 uses this as motivation to push harder and get better.  Even after pushing harder athlete 2 keeps beating them every time.  So athlete 1, who as last resort (because they have always used people who are better than them as motivation to get better and that is the reason they are such a strong athlete now) starts to suspect maybe athlete 2 is not doing all of their reps so athlete 1 decides to count athlete 2 one day and finds athlete 2 shorts reps to once again beat athlete 1 by a few seconds.

So now we have athlete 1 who is really really resentful of athlete 2, is angry at them, does not trust them not only in the gym, but now in every aspect of life and really wants nothing to do with athlete 2.  BUT athlete 1 is not only mad at athlete 2, but starts to question their own motivation and hard work.  The person they were using as motivation, looked up to and admired has been a cheater all along.  Now, athlete 1 will tell anyone who will listen about what athlete 2 has done and 1/2 of the gym resents athlete 2. Now multiply this by 5 and instead of a community we have a sharp divide where clicks are the norm, support is no longer prevalent, whispers and rumors take over the gym and we have now lost everything we, as owners, have worked so hard to create simply because we cannot make our athletes be HONEST.

We have seen tens of thousands of workouts, charted the times and weight and with almost certainty we can tell who is shorting reps just by watching them for a minute and comparing the results they claim.  However, we will count their reps ourself before we confront that athlete.  When we are counting the cheaters reps we are not focusing on our athletes who day in and day out give it their all, do all their reps, actually do more reps when they lose count and make our gym what it is today.  I am tired of having to count reps! We all are!

To our athletes who actually take integrity and honesty seriously we say thank you and keep up the hard work. To those who cheat then we will be asking you to leave the gym if, after you are warned, it continues to happen.  If you struggled during the WOD and skipped a round or shorted a few reps (we have all done it at some point in our Crossfit careers) because you were not feeling it that day, then simply tell us that you modified the WOD today and leave it at that. Don’t compound the cheating by lying to us when we ask what your score was.