By now, most of you have probably had the chance to meet Niiko, in fact if you haven’t, it’s probably because you just haven’t been up at the gym over the past few weeks.  A true CrossFit die-hard, Niiko has quickly integrated himself into Pearland CrossFit and it seems you can find him at the gym, morning or afternoon, offering tips, assistance and encouragement to all of our member athletes in between his own workouts.  Niiko is an awesome athlete to be sure,  but more than that, he’s a great guy with an awesome positive attitude and Pearland CrossFit is excited to introduce him as the newest addition to our coaching staff!  Please join us in officially welcoming Niiko to the Pearland CrossFit family!  photo

Coaching Bio –

Niiko first started CrossFit in 2011 after an old college roommate suggested that he give it a try. He had reached his plateau after years of standard Globo Gym work outs and since being introduced to CrossFit he has seen his overall fitness levels continue to grow. Niiko has always been involved with athletics. He began playing hockey and lacrosse in grade school and continued to play both through out college, earning top honors in each along the way. Niiko has completed two half-marathons and has found a new interest in competing in CrossFit competitions.

Niiko was born and raised in Michigan and attended Michigan Technological University where he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree. His previous job moved him around the Midwest before landing him in Houston in 2012. Being a new-comer to the Lone Star State, the athletes and fellow coaches at CrossFit have become his second family. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has a great passion for fitness. Niiko is always trying to learn more to help keep his fellow athletes and coaches ahead of the curve. He is open to answering any questions you have about CrossFit, nutrition, or overall fitness. You will find him at the box before work and staying late in the evenings to help others.