ALERT!  You need to read this…in fact this advice may come in handy all to soon!  No!  I am not sharing WOD information it will be an awesome surprise.  Yesterdays. hanging knees to waist hold tabata… not so very difficult to hold the legs up…but it was hard on the grip!  So…it is probably time once again to talk about taking care of your hands! It doesn’t seem to matter if you wear gloves, grips, or tape em up… eventually everyone gets their first rip.  If you do Crossfit long enough you and do high rep pull ups or toes to bars you will rip.

This blog about rips by CrossfitRX is awesome  has links to the four part series by Crossfit Virtuosity…

CrossFit Virtuosity’s four-part series on hand care:
……….Part 1 – Basic Hand Maintenance
……….Part 2 – The Best Defense is a Good Offense
……….Part 3 – How to Make Reusable Tape Grips
……….Part 4 – Ways to Increase Hand Strength

I am religious about rasping away my callouses keeping them even with the rest of my hand.  I am learning to not re-grip and rotate my hands around the bar as I do the movements and to use my fingers to grip.  AND does this work…well sort of but I still rip 🙂

WOD – 15 minute AMRAP


  • 3 thrusters
  • 5 hang cleans
  • 7 SDHP