Diet and exercise live hand in hand…DO WE like EXERCISE?… NO, okay most days the answer is NO, BUT we do LIKE being FIT!  BUT FITNESS is an Equation….To be healthy you can’t just EXERCISE… You must EAT RIGHT!

Do you know how many days a week I CHEAT?  NONE I don’t call it a cheat, I don’t call it a treat… If I choose to eat or share a dessert or some other food that I don’t normally eat… and I only do this once every week or so, and NOT for the whole day. I don’t give it a name BUT I give it a calorie count, knowing that I have to burn that many more calories if I don’t make it up somewhere else in my diet that day.  DON’T GET TRAPPED in the FOOD as a REWARD TRAP….. DON’T reward yourself with food. DON’T EAT to relieve STRESS!  If you feel like you are going to do that then please call ME, I’ll talk you down from the cliff’s edge.

FYI – IT takes 3000 excess calories to create one pound of fat…so if you are seeing flucuations in your weight from day to day that is not FAT, that is more than likely WATER weight… so detox, drink lots of water and lower your sodium intake…you will notice a difference.

These past 6 weeks have been GREAT for me because I am so PROUD of ALL of you, AND not BC of real changes in me, or what the challenge has done for me… I am really PROUD of YOU!   FOR ME these past 6 weeks have not been any different than the previous 6 weeks or the 6 weeks before that…and so on… going back for almost 2 years.  It is the way I eat, and I have modified it a little over time… less total calories intake, more protein….because I have stopped the EXCESSIVE running and swimming that I used to do on top of the Crossfit workouts.  I am leaner, but meatier… and I feel great…OK maybe not my hamstring right now, but the rest of me feels terrific.

I am surprised by one thing…I spent a 4 days in New Orleans, and this was right after I Thanksgiving and I am a pound lighter than I was at the beginning of the month.  WHY? Probably because I chose foods wisely and made it a point to eat the Bread pudding at Brennans and I didn’t beat myself up over it because I ate what I was supposed to the rest of the time.

EATING right and doing CROSSFIT with YOU, my  PEARLAND CROSSFIT FAMILY is how I choose to live.  Is it always easy?  Of course not, but I WANT this I WANT it bad.

MAKE this YOUR STYLE, take control of YOUR LIFE and CHANGE your LIFE forever!