Or Visiting Another Box or was it a Hospital Waiting Room?

Every time I go out of town I try to hit a different BOX, drop in and do a WOD.  I always learn something new, or gain insight into myself when I do this.  I dropped in on a BOX here in the North/East Dallas Metroplex, ask me offline what it was called.
It was in a corner shopping center, more than twice the square footage of PCF, white, very white and bright…but only has half the heart of PCF.  AIR conditioning!  WOW!  Working out in Air Conditioning when it was BEAUTIFUL outdoors just seemed soooooo WRONG!  They have been in that space for a while and it didn’t have any character, no real human imprints except for chalk hash marks on the floor from people counting rounds.  No personal notes on the whiteboards, no scribbles from one of our PCF children.  We complain about the tidiness of our gym, the chalk dust on the floor, about folks not putting away their equipment… BUT some reminders that someone did a tough WOD at PCF is nice… the WODs written in chalk on the black wall… the bands still up on the pull-up bars…they tell us that we worked hard today!
One Coach greeted me, he was very nice.  No one had shown up for their 4PM WOD, I was it.  We talked about their members and the AIR Conditioning and WATER (water breaks being on PCF minds this week).  I warmed up and did the WOD.
AND the members…several of their members had wandered in during my private WOD. Watching me as a struggled to complete HSPU after HSPU.  and the Pistols…we must get Linz to put pistols into a WOD…they are oh so special!  I completed the WOD… NOT one person introduced themselves!  They watched as I took a drink, picked up my bag (I even made sure to make eye contact with a few) and then I turned around and walked out.  I hope that NO ONE visiting PCF ever feels the way I did as I walked out that door.
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