Ok guys and gals its that time of year! The temperature is dropping which means you need more time to warm up AND COOL DOWN.  Make sure that you are taking care of yourself.  Roll out….STRETCH.  If you aren’t sure how to stretch a certain muscle then ask a coach.  You can do more than whats on the board for your warm up.  Make a habit of using the PVC and roller everyday.  Its a good idea to use your warm up time to work on weaknesses, ie double unders, pull ups, muscle ups, box jumps. Stretching after your workout is crucial.  Take time to STRETCH AND ROLL AGAIN.

Also, make sure that you are wiping down your equipment.  The wipes are located under the radio.  Place the plates in the correct stack. You guys know the drill.  Lead by example for the new people.

OKTOBERFEST IS 19 DAYS AWAY….EAT CLEAN AND TRAIN HARD.  Everyone else make sure that you have your chairs and coolers handy…3-2-1 GO!


20 min AMRAP

10 Push Press (115/75)

10 KB Swings (53/35)

10 Box Jumps (24/20)