Carlos sent me a message Sun. night from CrossFit Houston.  They are haing a “WODSCALER Challenge” June 9th its a scaled women comp.  Registration opened last night at 10 pm.  If interested sign up or comment here and i will send Carlos a message! 

First OFF Regular Classes on Friday and also a 9:00 am Class Sign UP on board! We are doing Murph.  You can do with a partner if you like or Individual.  ITS NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK PROMISE!

We are Closed this Sat. the 26th thru Monday the 28th.  Regular classes on Tuesday.  ENJOY YOUR MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

ALSO Please give RENEE a big Welcome to the CrossFit BOOTCAMP family.  She is Bootcamp’s new Coach.  When you see her give her high fives!!!

I do have to post something I saw this weekend.  Thank you to CrossFit Santa Clara!!!!!


The author of this blog makes regular grammatical and spelling errors, please understand that we are a gym and not a law firm.  We wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.  BUT WE COACH REALLY REALLY WELL AND KNOW CROSSFIT.


Jello LEGS

30 front squats 115/75

15 Push Ups

15 Lateral Jumps

3 Rds

                                                                                                                                                    SOOO YES im posting a pic of myself with Khalipa last year at the games.  JUST IN CASE you didnt   know he did We 1st in NorCAL division at Regionals & Beat Froning in 3 or 4 events!!!!!  The BEAR ahhhhhhhh…………………. 




  1. I’m interested in the competition! (Depending on price though because I’m living on a college kid’s budget ;-P ) anyone else with me????

  2. Awesome job tonight everyone!!! it was such a great WOD. Great job Kat for pushing through even when you were getting butt cramps from the crazy 400 meter lunges! Welcome back April!!!!
    I look forward to the heat this summer. Nothing like all of us sweating to death and kicking ass!!!! I am so lucky to be part of this family! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

  3. I am interested in getting more info on the competition!

  4. This girl with the jello legs will do the comp…where do we sign up?
    Thanks Jill!

  5. Kevin W says:

    I like the disclaimer!

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