Katherine Blanchard

Owner / Coach

Katherine is Lindsey’s sister and discovered CrossFit the same time Lindsey did over four years ago.  She, too, is now a Level I certified coach, as well as a Mad Dogg Fitness spinning instructor and a Group X Training certified instructor.  Although she has been Crossfitting for some time now, Katherine became even more invested in it after she underwent a devastating ACL repair surgery a few years ago.  CrossFit was her only means of rehabbing her injury, and she was back to running and doing squats in a matter of weeks when doctors told her it would take 8 months of traditional rehab to be able to even walk properly.  She has competed in several running races and triathlons since then. Katherine has a unique point of view about CrossFit having worked in a commercial gym for several years.  She knows all about the globo gym phenomenon and the appealing packages they offer.  She also knows that, after years of spending hours in the gym and never feeling like it paid off, that the globo gyms are only an illusion claiming to enable fitness, but unable to bring out the true capabilities of most individuals.  But what really makes Katherine an asset to Pearland CrossFit is her energy; it sets her apart from everyone else and is truly infectious.  She brings a lightness to the gym that is refreshing when there are seemingly impossible tasks at hand.  Her loving spirit and carefree attitude are the perfect balance to John and Lindsey’s intense training methods, giving the gym an incredibly supportive atmosphere.  Katherine makes people want to do well and genuinely believes they can; that spirit of possibility makes even the weakest soul feel capable. Katherine is from Pearland and graduated from Pearland High School. Her husband, Steve, owns Blanchard Insurance in Alvin, Kema, Angleton, and Santa Fe.  While Steve sells insurance, Katherine stays at home and keeps her heart rate up chasing after their two kids, Blake and Marley, and the dogs.