LOOK  were ALL KIDS AT heart soooo lets TRY out the new swing set & its Awesome & Rocks…..ENJOY KIDS & parents maybe a little relief.  Also Thank you to Fay for helping me rake up alllll the TRash. So much more left to do, but we tackeled alot today!

Its getting hot are you staying hydrated?  Shawn and I “Kat” recommend Rehydrate from Advocare.  & WE sell it so get with one of us and order it! its fantastic.  ALSO really good for hangovers…..Come on NOW you know CrossFitters drink beer Right! Really on a serious note its getting hot which equals more sweat soo drink your H20 and order your Rehydrate!

Groupon members yall are rockin and rollin!!! Keep it

Also everyone keeps asking we are doing all regular hours on Friday closed on Monday Memorial Day & Saturday is…well we will know for sure tomorrow, but just FYI its Memorial Day weekend which means only 1 thing can u guess……..ILL TELL YA “MURPH” dont know Murph just look it up!!!!!

400 Meter Run
5 Squat Cleans 135/95
15 Push Ups
5 rounds for TIME

OK soooo im posting a PIC of the results tonight SORRY GUYS its American Idol Night & i need to spend time with my Familia! i fyou cant read it i will post times tomorrow!!! Thanks Kat