King&Queen February2013We’ve got a lot of AWESOME athletes in our gym!  More than that, we’ve got a lot of hard working, extraordinary people doing amazing things every day!

We believe that “extraordinary” should be recognized, and in order to start recognizing our awesome athletes, we have started a new gym tradition.  We will now be naming a new “King” and “Queen” of Pearland CrossFit each month,,, complete with floating trophy!

This months winners worked hard, followed the programming, and were able to realize the largest percentage gains in their CrossFit Total scores from 18-January to 18-February. As a gym, we did awesome!  Everyone saw gains in their CF Total scores and we had a gym average increase of 106.8%, or 31#, to our Total scores!

So with that, I would like to congratulate Christopher Morgan and Alyssa Werner as the winners of our first ever King and Queen of Pearland CrossFit!

Helped by monster gains in his squat, Christopher gained his “King” status with an overall increase of 123.8% by adding 50# to his January Total of 210 pounds.

Alyssa secured the month’s “Queen” title with solid all around increases for an overall improvement of 113.5% on her Total.

So enjoy your monthly reign Chris and Alyssa, the rest of us will look forward to our chance in next months challenge to take those awesome trophies away!