It’s not like Jesus.


An old friend of mine came into town the other day and told me how he had finally begun CrossFit.  We talked about how funny it is trying to explain to “normal” people (aka people who do not CrossFit) why we do all the crazy things that we do.  Ironically someone else forwarded me an article that just seem to parallel what we were talking about so I thought I’d share.  It’s pretty cool.

We are all guilty. No matter the location, event, or situation, we can’t help but sing the praises of CrossFit and the Paleo diet whenever we get the chance. Least it’s a good guilt, it that’s possible. But have you ever wondered what you or I sound like to an unbeliever? A few day ago, when a crowd surrounded my passionate explanation, I wondered, “do they think I’m intelligent, or crazy”?
A fun test for CrossFitters is explaining CrossFit to someone who has never done it. It reads, “ummm, we do hard stuff on a clock”. “Well, its kinda like gymnastics with weights running, and rowing”. “Have you ever seen P90X…its about a million times harder than that.” “I PRd my Snatch.” “Yesterday, I did this chick name Angie, now my hands hurt”. See…sounds weird huh?
What about explaining why we have abs, and low triglycerides, while eating bacon and coconut like its candy. Ever try telling someone why you avoid milk like it’s the plague? Now tell a crowd why grains are bad, and fruit is as toxic as alcohol…I do it everyday. Its one thing when you preach the gospel in a CrossFit church full of believers….games different on a street corner full on unbelievers.
Not only am I lucky enough to do this every day at our box, but I venture out to other boxes essentially to aid in the explanation of the dogma I enjoy so much. However, a much revealed treat isn’t necessarily teaching believers why they should believe, its imploring non-believers why they should. What they will gain. How they will prosper. Something we all do without a second thought. Something, that worded oddly or spoken incorrectly makes us look much more like the crazy naked guy Jesus exorcised, than Jesus doing the exorcism.
Not that I am comparing CrossFit dedication to biblical exploration, but I often wonder what the response looked like in the crowd when Jesus came running in preaching a very different message than what the current day provided.
Often, all he needed to do was appear, and others followed. No matter where he went he drew a crowd because he was saving others. He was presenting information, though hard to take, was correct. He was giving life, not preaching tradition.
Recently, while completing a transaction at a local business the owner came out in celebration of his current diet which has enabled him to lose weight….as he eats his banana. He says “look, I’m doing good eating my fruit”. I could have chosen the lesser path and just agreed and celebrated alongside him. Instead, I chose to congratulate him and proceed to tell him what we believe about fruit. How sugar is sugar and everyone claiming “natural sugar” is better than “unnatural sugar” is essentially saying stealing isn’t as bad as murder….a sin is a sin, and skinny fat isn’t results. Especially if those few pounds on a scale are muscle. Especially if those few pounds cost you a few years.
By the end of my fruity description more patrons had crowded around just to listen. I hadn’t really noticed because this happens frequently to CrossFitters when we explain why we do what we do. Why we live how we live. Why it doesn’t look like anything else anyone else does.
You either believe Jesus was a freaking freak who claimed he could cheat death, or you believe the dude is the messiah…you can’t be on the fence. Its lunatic, or prophet. Same goes  for CF. We either get it, love it, profess it in all its life changing glory, or it’s just another place to waste time until trudging through this boring life believing every new crazy person that steps up to the mic.
Jesus was a breath of fresh air into a suffocating planet. He didn’t aim to offend or demean, he was an example even critics loved religious or not. Not that CrossFit is anywhere near as significant as where you spend your after life, but if we believe we are right. If we truly believe we have the way, than street corner prophets is who we are, and we will be blessed for every lost soul we send towards the light…….Courtesy of PRactice CF
12 Lunges 95/65
12 Dynamic Push Ups
100 Meter Sprint
5 Rounds                                                                                                                                
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