P.S. its totally appropriate for me to starting this blog with a big P.S.  Thank you to those of you that read this blog and comment.

Smooches Kat

What do you tell yourself when your down on yourself in your Wods, your Pr’s or in life in general?  Lately I have taken a whole different approach and its working and I love it.  So when your down, write down what you are damn good at.  Doesnt have to be something your good at all the time. And it doesnt have to be anything that relates to the gym.  Thats the whole point.    Examples: are you a good organizer, a good wife, a great friend, a good cooker, a cool Mom, or you just look damn good, or dress good, etc etc etc….Write them down look at them and remind yourself its not all about whats goes down inside the four wall of the box.  Words I have to remind myself often.  DONT LIVE to CrossFit.  CrossFit to LIVE!! 

Ofcourse all I have to do is go to CrossFit Lisbeth for just great words!!


What we think, we become.

Sounds simplistic. It is simplistic. But it’s true.

Think of yourself as weak, you become weak. Think of yourself as an asshole, you become an asshole. Think of yourself as a frumpy mom, you become a frumpy mom. (Well, that might not work for guys.) Think of yourself as a victim, you become a victim.

Screw that. Think of yourself as something more. A weightlifter. An athlete. A good runner. A fast rope climber. A gentleman. An awesome lover. A great mom. A hero to somebody, even if it’s just Fluffy or Mr. Kettlebell (your dog — please don’t name your child Mr. Kettlebell). One hotfuckingfabulousamazingstrongsmartkindkick-ass person.

Think of your life as a giant, flaming success and become that success. Even if you think you’re already on top of the world, reach for more. Our lives begin to end when we stop striving.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Change your socks. Make sure you’re wearing clean underwear. Always say “please” and “thank you.” (Okay, somebody silence my inner mom now.)


5 Heavy Squat Cleans  AMAZING HOW MUCH HEAVIER you went.  When we didnt put a WEIGHT.  YALL ROCK!! YOU STRONG BEAUTIFUL BAD A$$’$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Wall Balls