BACK to School Back to Routine!!!  I know you are all trying to get back on track this week with kids starting back, teachers, administrators & coaches!!!  We hope you are having a good week so far.  Hope the kids are treating you right.  ARE you making time for your WODS getting organized?  We as coaches are talking about adding classes.  Here are some of the classes that we are THINKING about.  Mon-Wed  7:15 pm,  Tues 5:15am, 6:15 am.  I know some of you have asked about a Thursday morning, BUT Thursday morning for now is not going to be a class.  Also mid morning class, if we add it permanently will be 9:30 am ONLY not an 8:30 am.  We will let you know about these classes in the next week! We will post here and on BLOG!!  We are trying to accomodate the best we can with the amount of people that attend Mon-Wed are the busiest times.  Thursday most of you take off and Friday WELL Friday for most of us is a hit or miss!!!

ALSO please let us know if your interested in those class times if you can that would help us out tremendously!


7 Rounds of

7 thrusters 95/65

7 pushups


Jon 11:36

Fay 11:25

Jewett 8:54

Teneric 9:41

Jody 11:27

Jenn 6:48

Kevin 11:46

Jeff 12:10

Jacob 14:06

Andy 9:09

Kat 9:32


Pat 9:26  55lbs

Lisa 8:46 45lbs

Eyse 8:33 45lbs

Jerry 11:41 75

Taylor  14:21 65/MPU

Radhika 13:47 58lbs

Alyssa 12:46  58lbs

Shannon 10:46 75lbs

Chris 7:11 58lbs

Nicole 8:06 63lbs

Gilbert 8:36 lbs

Mike  Baseline RX 5:14 WAY TO GO!!!!!

Steve Ladder 17:56 Squats & Sit UPS if you drop a KB on your foot this is what happens!!!!