OKAY…you know how some days start smooth? WELL today wasn’t one of those.

You wake up and realize that YOU are LATE!  Hit the bathroom, dive into clothes (are they clean? Who cares, they are the closest and quickest!) AND then you head to the gym!  You are there LATE but your 515AM class is taking care of itself!

THEN if you are really lucky you will have someone in your 615 class that will MAKE you do the WARM UP!  AND now everyone knows that YOU said You would do that WARM UP every 615AM class You COACH!  WOW…blogging is it good for you????

Still SORE?  Did you pick up after yourself today?  Did you read the blog last night?  Do you EVER read the blog? Or do you check FB around the clock to see what Kat, Shawn and Linz are posting?  Should PCF post both places?

Today, we were Listening to the sounds of Crossfit…

  • Timer counting down….3,2,1 GO!
  • Music with a BEAT, BASS Pumping
  • Bars HITTING the floor and bouncing
  • Breathing HARD, some are GASPING
  • The Grunts, the GROANs, and even some MOANs
  • Encouragement, Cheering, at times some JEERING
  • So, Don’t quit until DONE with every REP
  • If AMRAP Don’t quit until the time expires!
  • Stretch and Roll
  • More gasping, moaning, whining, bitching
  • GO home it all starts again tomorrow!


And the FB peeps asked FOR:

  • 400m Run
  • 21*15*9
  • Lunges (25/10)
  • OHS (95/65)
  • 400m Run