FIRST off a big huge congrats to all of our athletes that endured that horrible weather on Sunday and you ran your hearts out!!!  What a huge accomplishment. We all love reading all the posts and sincerely appreciate all the shout outs.

Tonights story comes from one of our very dedicated 5:15 am athletes.  Lori McLaughlin who also rocked the 1/2 yesterday!  Here is her story.

What PCF has done for me..where do I even begin. Being that my two year anniversary is fast approaching, I can say my CF journey was triggered by just needing a change. When I became a member, that is when I did not get in to the half marathon due to the lottery…a blessing in disguise. I was pissed and needed new challenges.  My prior days of training for my races were a lot of miles then to the global gym in the afternoons for my strength training was about to change.

Being a former college athlete, having two kids, not really happy with my fitness level..I drank one sip of the CF Kool Aid. From that day on, I was hooked. Who would have thought burpees were so enjoyable when you heart is about to beat out of your chest..;-).  It is a weird sickness I have..I know.

With all that said, I could not be more blessed by the people that I have the pleasure working out with on a daily basis. Being how I am not a spring chicken like others that I compete with…I am always pushing myself to new levels I never thought possible. I have also learned that a bad day in the gym happens…and you take those experiences and grow for the better.

I love learning from everyone how to be better in the gym, with my nutrition and in life. We all can relate to each other some way despite the different lives or personalities we have. When I have to be off from going to the gym due to work, I love coming back to an environment that is non judgmental and very encouraging. I love waking up at 4:10 AM to commute in for a WOD. I love passing on my passion for CF to everyone. Nothing brings more joy witness someone reach their goals with a smile and sweat coming off their faces. It just so gratifying!

Besides personally…CR has also impacted my career in coaching female athletes. I am very blessed to say that I love my job! I love being able to impact student athletes to reach their ultimate potential. I am always looking for ways to motivate, lead, and inspire all to have ultimate success on and off the court. As someone who is always seeking to better all athletes in whatever way possible, incorporating CF into our strength training has been one of the best decisions ever. It is very easy for me to relate to the girls daily as they go through their daily workouts. The benefits and gains they are receiving are evident in their performance and has proving to be instrumental.

I love always training for the unknown. I never thought my training would change like it did..made me do the things that I have done. Who would have thought my miles and miles that I thought was needed in training for an endurance race…wasn’t really necessary at all. I can’t really explain it more than CF is the most amazing training that I ever done. I cannot wait to see what else comes my way and what other PR’s I achieve. Most of all..I love know matter how you bad your day is…some kind of fun will come out of your WOD that will benefit you in the future.

Thank you ALL that impacted my PCF experience in such a positive way.




15 Deadlifts 185/225

30 Wall Balls