We as coaches have really been focusing on range of motion the last couple of weeks.  What we are seeing more and more is athletes lifting heaver weight with bad/unsafe form or incomplete range of motion just to get the Rx’d next to their name.  This is in fact contrary to what we hope your goals are: To increase work capacity across broad times and modal domains (You perform better at doing a variety of things, for longer periods of time).  Full and proper range of motion at a lighter weight will always be superior to heavier weight done with incomplete and improper range of motion.  Incomplete range of motion is cheating. We are finding ourself having to say it over and over again.  The time we have to repeat ourself about range of motion issues is taking away from the athletes who have rock solid form every workout and do not get the encouragement they deserve. It also does not support the positive, supportive environment we want to create and maintain at Pearland Crossfit.

We will warn you one time about range of motion during your workout.  If we see it again we will then either assess a penalty (3 burpees), stop you and decrease your weight or modify you (add an ab-mat to HSPU, add a band to pullups, make you do modified pushups, etc….).  If we access a penalty, decrease your weight or make some other modifications because your range of motion is incomplete and the range of motion continues to be incomplete we will add an IRM next to your name on the board (incomplete range of motion).

We as coaches are here to make you better, answer your questions, push you, encourage you, provide a positive/fun environment and keep you safe.  We are not here to tell you time and time again to go lower on squats, higher on pullups, or to get your chest on the ground on pushups, etc…. Range of motion is your responsibility.  If you have questions or want to make sure your range of motion is proper please ask and we will be more than happy to help.

7 rounds
7 Deadlifts 245/155 lbs
7 Pullups
7 Burpees
7 Wall Balls 20/14 lbs
7 Box Jumps
7 Pushups
7 Swings 53/35 lbs

Lori 29:33
Drew 23:13
Joey 25:00
Ryan 27:26
Teneric 25:26
Chad 24:22
Lanae 25:10
Tiffany 25:52
Kevin 44:47
Jen 26:18

Taylor 35:10
Meg 29:06
Lisa 24:25
Kristin 32:00
April 38:24
Nicole 30:01
Jill 27:12
Alyssa 34:52
Sue 30:04
David W. 44:55 (great job pushing to et under the 45 min. cutoff)
David 4 rounds + 23 reps. (Had to leave early)
JT 36:48
Karl 28:05
Renee 24:14
Andy 29:05
Jamie 28:42
Taryn 31:40
Ross 32:05
Ced 37:45
Keith 35:08
Radhika 36:03
Alanna 37:06
Keisha 37:50
Jerry 40:10