What a great group of on-rampers we had start our 3 week program today. They are so excited and nervous all at the same time, but all of them killed the WOD today. Welcome to Pearland Crossfit. If there is anything we can do to make you feel more welcome please do not hesitate to ask.

We will no longer have Tues. Thurs. morning classes effectively immediately. If we get 3 athletes to commit to training at 7:15 am we will re-open the class time.

WOD: PCF Signature WOD
Swings 53/35
Snatches 53/35

Steve 19:32
Gabe 17:09
Jose 19:57
Tiffany DNF
Shawn F. DNF
Sidia DNF
Teneric DNF
Kevin Finished (unsure if it was within 20 min. time limit. Watched stopped)
Kat Finished (unsure if it was within 20 min. time limit. Watched stopped)

Fay 18:17 18 lbs
Lori 17:43 18 lbs/modified pushups (mpu)
Taylor DNF 18 lbs
David DNF 26 lbs
Heather 12:16 SDHP/PU 26 lbs
Meg 19:57 18/mpu
Tammeka 16:30 18/mpu
Sue 18:57 18/mpu
Kelly 17:37 19/mpu
Jody DNF
Jill 17:59 Wall pushup/Swings/Lunges (Welcome)
Nicole DNF 35/26/mpu
Jamie DNF 26 lbs
Radhika 19:19 18 lbs
Jeff DNF 35 lbs
Jacob DNF 44 lbs
Karl DNF 26/mpu
Ross DNF 44 lbs
Jon DNF 44 lbs
Ryan DNF 44 lbs
Jerry DNF 26 lbs
Alissa DNF 18 lbs

Journal your results as we will repeat this workout. Because you DNF’d does not make the workout any less effective!