So some of you met Helen for the first time and some it was a repeat. For those of you it was a repeat you saw great improvements either you were the big RX for the first time or went from 2 bands to 1 band…….GO JODY!!!! Either way everyone rocked her!!!! PLUS there was an added extra bonus you started with a 500M Row

NANCY (with an added row)
21 Swings
12 Pull Ups
400 Meter Run
3 rounds

Jose 14:02 Rx
Jody 16:32 1 band
Lori 17:28 1 band
Tammeka 16:33 2band/26kb
David 14:40 Rx
James 14:14 Rx
Anthony 14:53 Rx
Taylor 21:56 Jpu/26
Renee 20:33 1band/26
Jacob 19:24 Rx
Velma 17:24 1band
Sidia 17:18 1band
Neey 17:32 Rx
Teneric 14:51 Rx
Kristen 15:32 Rx