Whether you stumbled on this page as a new comer interested in how Crossfit can help you achieve your fitness goals, or you’re a longtime PCF member, there’s no denying the excitement that comes with the New Year. It’s 2013 and many of you have resolutions of getting fit, losing weight, eating better, or upping your athletic performance. YES! It’s January, and you’re pumped to start creating the ‘new and better’ you!
In January, the self-motivation to achieve one’s New Year resolution is often enough to stay on track for the entire month. February is where things start to get a little hairy. The new habits, new foods, and new life changes that seemed so interesting and exciting in January can start to be… well… less exciting, and require more of an internal motivational push. It’s at this juncture where people find it difficult not to slip back into the habits of the ‘old and comfortable’ versus the ‘new and better’.
Everyone agrees that change and maintaining motivation can be rough. That’s why so many times resolutions that seem awesome in January fall to the wayside by February. We want you to succeed in nailing that New Year’s resolution and you don’t have to go it alone! PCF wants YOU to be the BEST YOU that you know you can be.
Here are a few tried and true methods for making your resolutions stick:
  • “Better Than Yesterday” – Break your resolution down into small manageable chunks. Instead of focusing on your ultimate goal of wanting to lose 20 pounds, becoming the best Crossfit competitor ever, or deadlifting 3 times your body weight, divide your total resolution into a grouping of small successes. Haven’t tried Crossfit but want to get fit? Your first goal should be to just show up! Bam! Easy success! Want to lose 20 pounds? Aim for 1-2 pounds a month through clean eating. Want to be the best Crossfit competitor ever? First shoot for making it to the gym at least 4 times a week and hitting a few small competitions. We all want big changes quickly, but often give up when we don’t see those changes immediately. As they say, “Nothing good comes easy”. Focus on being a little bit better every single day, rather than trying to be amazing in less than an hour.
  • “Shout it from the Rooftops!” – Tell your coach, tell your friends, or even tell a stranger at CrossFit what you’re hoping to achieve! We want you to be awesome, but we can’t help you get there unless we know what you’re trying to accomplish. Write it on the white board, put it on your blog, post it on facebook, stick a picture on your fridge. (I live in the car put a pic in the car)  You’re less likely to quit on your goal if you know you have other people in your corner supporting your endeavors.
  • “Just Show Up OR Dead Last Finish > Did Not Finish > Did Not Show Up” – It can be hard and scary being a new comer to a gym. It can be hard and scary trying workouts that you’ve never done before, or doing a workout for the first time ‘prescribed’. Some days, it’s just plain hard to get your butt off the couch! Whether you’re starting out lifting 5 pounds, or a longtime member lifting 245 pounds, the beauty of Crossfit is that EVERYONE, no matter their fitness level, thinks it’s hard and that the workouts can be scary! You’re not alone! The awesome and fun part – by showing up, you’re conquering your fear (or your laziness) Even if your droping your weight and working on form…..Great – you’re still doing work! Maybe you did the workout, but you came in dead last. YOU SHOWED UP, YOU DID THE WORK, AND THAT IS AWESOME! Remember, taking even the smallest baby step toward being a better you accomplishes more than giving up and standing still.
  • “You Effed Up. So What?” – You fell off the Paleo wagon, you ate too many slices of pizza, had to many glasses of wine or beer or you didn’t come into the gym for a week and watched tv instead. So what? Your mistakes do not define you– it’s how you proceed afterward that does. A few slip-ups do not destroy a resolution or a goal. Reflect. Note what you could do so you don’t eff up again. Dust off your gym shoes, fill the fridge with veggies, and keep making those baby steps forward dang it.
  • “Surround yourself with awesome, and you will be!” – Empower yourself by hanging out with positive people who support your goals and lifestyle changes.  VERY IMPORTANT HERE PEOPLE!  Remember, everyone at PCF is there to be ‘better’, but no one goes it alone. You put in the work, and we’ll support you every single step of the way.  Tell yourself that you’re capable of achieving more than you imagined. Plus you get to do it surrounded by others who feel the same! Everyone gets cheered, and all get respect and support for being brave enough to show up and try their best. Instead of focusing on how scared you are, or how you don’t want to do a workout, focus on JUST SHOWING UP. Walking into the gym is a success. Next hurdle – try the workout. Make modifications if needed.  Drop the weight move the bar faster.  The workout is too rough and you have to stop? At least you showed up and tried. Success.
  Looking forward to helping you achieve everything you dream possible in 2013!!
Also LOTS of new and exciting CHANGES coming in 2013 hope you are as excited as we are!!!
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