NO REP…NO Repetition : Simple words and those of you who are new to Crossfit may be unfamiliar with what that means when you are in the middle a workout.  It means that repetition that you just did (whether it be a pushup, a squat, a C2B pull up, a clean & jerk or a burpee) DOES NOT COUNT for that set!  You must do that rep again and keep going.  IT is a call to be dreaded when you are in a competition, and best avoided by DOING it RIGHT.  In fact, you should automatically no-rep yourself when you know you didn’t squat deep enough, didn’t lock out your elbows on a jerk, or fell off the wall while kipping up a handstand pushup.  I know when my chin doesn’t clear the bar doing a pull-up.  I automatically no-rep myself and do the rep over.  Depriving yourself of every movement done correctly with full range of motion will not make you stronger.  You WILL get STRONGER by DOING it right, and DOING each rep.  KEEP up the good work!

WOD Nov 22, 2011