So I have to be honest today looked doable to me.  I programmed it well actually Rudy from Outlaw did.  Ha, but I do programming and this is what I did for today.  NOW, to me anything with a run is TERRIBLE, but a 200 Meter should have been a breeze right.  NOOOOOO  it wasnt actually I stopped and walked some of the 2nd and 3rd round.  So this blog is to all my bad runners im with you it sucks I dont like it, but today Im better than yesterday.  I came in this morning and my coach Lindsey (another HA my mean as heck sister) 😉 who was coaching said “Whatcha gonna do?”  I said maybe Outlaw or Im going to run around the school and her answer was NO you will do CrossFit Endurance…….HOLY COW!!!!!! So please if you are a bad runner or hate as much as I do take into consideration doing CFE., or meeting at Dawson HS on Sundays at 6:30 p.m.


5 KB Snatchs L

5 OH Lunges L

5 KB Snatchs R

5 OH Lunges R

20 T2B

200 Meter Run

3 Rds

OMGOODNESS FOR NOW HERE IS THE PIC…..Im working on it!!!!!! SORRRY!!!!!!!