We love seeing these stories, keep them coming!  This one is from Kris and Keegan, one of our awesome CrossFitting couples at PCF. This is really an inspiring read, and for those of you who know Kris and Keegan, you know that they are two of the most fun and motivating athletes we have in the box.  Thanks Kris for sharing y’alls story from this last year!

“It’s funny, strangely this is written word about Crossfit, but not about goals and PR’s. This is more about commitment to change and growth. A year in review.

It started innocently enough when I got a crazy idea and started raising money for Fight Gone Bad in September of 2011. It baffles me how one small idea can change your course so drastically. My husband Keegan and I have been doing Crossfit on and off for several years now. On a month, off a month. It had a place for us, but although my husband regularly challenged himself, to me it was just fun, and something to do to keep me active. Fight Gone Bad was the first time since high school that I actually pushed myself past a barrier and tried to really see what I was made of. I laid everything out, and after the 17 minutes of torture, I laid gasping for breath on the floor. Little did I know that in that second, I was slowly crashing through years and years of “I can’ts” and “I’m not sporty” moments. I think my husband began to view me differently, as more of an “athletic type”. It was an awakening, not just to me, but to the people around me. A girl I worked with at the restaurant approached me and asked if I wanted to run a race with her. Now, I have to come clean. (I am NOT a runner, I never had been. I purposely joined the swim team in high school to make sure that I wouldn’t have to take PE and run!) This is where the trickery begins. I thought I was signing up for a 5k, maybe a 10k, but low and behold, when I got the email for our team in November I realized that I had signed up for a HALF MARATHON! Instantly I was filled with dread. I am never going to make this happen, I had never run farther than 1, maybe 1 and a half miles, and now I was going to run 13.1 miles in February. I started panicking, and suddenly I remembered the moment on the mats after FGB. A sense of calm surrounded me, and I knew that if I just kept moving like I did every morning in my daily WODs, that I would be ok. Now some people train for these things. (Like really really train.) I am not one of those people, I knew that tons of high mileage training would kill my knees, and I decided instead that 2012 was going to be different. That in 2012 I was going to challenge myself in ways that I never had, become committed to my dialy WODs, because I knew now that I could do these things, that I was strong enough, that I can actually run, and climb, and that secretly I like getting a little dirty.

halfmarthnTo my surprise, our first workout in January after the New Year was a 10k run. Cool. Thanks a lot Pearland Crossfit thanks for calling my bluff and making me step up to the plate. That morning I set out, and it was super cold and still dark outside. I just started moving. Now, this is not a story about how I discovered that I am an excellent Olympian runner. I am most certainly not. But what I did discover was that for me, Crossft is enough. It has slowly transformed me into someone that can run! I did the 10k that
morning, and when my first ever Half Marathon came up in February I did it. I may not have finished first, but I also realized that I wasn’t finishing last either. It wasn’t easy; in fact it was really, really, really hard for me. Our group split up early in the race and I found myself running the entire 13.1 miles alone. Thatwas quite the moment for me, but every time I passed through the finish to start another lap I saw Keegan. He braved the 42* frigid for Houston temperatures to wait for me at the finish line. I just kept running to get back to him! (Plus they had beer and cookies at the finish line that I desperately wanted!) This is how I managed to keep pushing past the uncomfortable parts, the moments where my legs hurt, my thighs cramped, I developed blisters on the bottoms of my feet, I was cold, my playlist wasn’t what I really wanted, and the sun was in my eyes, because I had never done a race before and didn’t know to wear sunglasses. What I saw, was that since my Crossfit family had been slowly teaching and encouraging me to move past the mental barriers and accomplish feast that I never imagined, I could do all kinds of things that I never thought I could! That race was just the beginning. It convinced me to push Keegan also. I knew WE could do things, and I wanted to finish something amazing with him, not to him. That was how we signed up for the Tough Mudder in the following March.


It was an excellent plan, Keegan, his brother, and I running 12 miles loaded with obstacles, and getting electrocuted together. What we couldn’t plan for is life. Unfortunately Keegan was in a motorcycle accident in March and broke his hand just a week before the race. It required him to get surgery days before hand, and sadly he was unable to compete. So once again I ran it, looking for him at every obstacle, and running into his arms at the finish line! That race sucked. I was exhausted and sore in ways that I had never dreamed of. It not only made me jump over my own mental barriers, I was literally broken. But I would heal, and find myself more confident than ever. We had to find a race for Keegan to get into so that we could run it together! This is how we signed up for the Spartan Sprint in May.

photo taken at 12:49 by www.nuvisionactionimage.com

Once again, the three amigos were headed into a race that totaled out at 5.5 miles with 27 crazy obstacles. We had a blast. It never occurred to me to try and finish in the top 10 percent, or that we were trying to beat other teams. We were just sticking together and having fun on the courses. All that mattered was completing every challenge and simply finishing the race. This was the moment that I saw how much I loved getting out and moving. We were entering the tiny percent of the population that is determined to get off the couch. And the best part was that we were doing it together. We had so much fun in the Sprint that we signed up immediately for the Spartan Beast.

B4BoobsNow before the Beast, we took on a few other small challenges along the way. We dedicated a Saturday in October to participating in Barbells for Boobs together at another Crossfit box in Houston. This was a fun day, filled with hard work, good people, PR’s and all to support a cause close to our hearts. We also completed a 5k Zombie run in November (which was a total blast!) But all of this was just prep work and training to supplement our Crossfit WODs to help get us ready for The Beast. 12+miles, 27+ obstacles
all set in the backdrop of the Texas hill country this past December. What a race it was. Filled with mud, swimming, climbing, and a lot of “up the mountain, down the mountain” excitement. Once again we trudged through together. We moved through the day, filled with laughter, pain, excitement, torn tendons, nerves, cramps, and cuts. But we finished it together.

I guess the moral of this story, and it is appropriate to be writing this on my 5 yr wedding anniversary, is that through Pearland Crossfit, not only do I get to spend my mornings sweating it out with my husband, encouraging one another forward in our WODs, taking Instagram pics of our pitiful blistered palms, challenging each other in handstand holds, but through them, I have spent 6 very memorable weekends with him over this past year, filled with memories I can never forget – crashing through finish lines, crumpled
over with laughter at our failures, screaming encouragements, helping one another over very literal walls, and bleeding to not finish last together. These moments are special to me, because our Pearland Crossfit family truly helped us to get here together. We are stronger physically and emotionally because of the continued support in holding us accountable and achieving our goals together. We always say that a couple that plays together stays together, so get out there and get dirty!”