It was a FRANTASTIC Day full of PRs!  Love them or hate them the girl WODs are standards by which we measure gains in our strength and agility. .  But don’t look at the board and compare yourself to anyone else.  Use these girls as way points on your crossfit journey, by journaling them you will be able to follow your improvements as you repeat them (I think I have done Fran first with many modifications…and now Rx a total of 5 or 6 times in 2 years).

No girl is mentioned more as a measure of a Crossfitter than Fran.  You will find that Crossfitters will mention their deadlift and their Fran time when they are out to WOW and impress you.  Just remember that with enough practice we will all get more proficient with our pullups, and as we lift more weights we will get more efficient with our thrusters.  So, log your workout times, look back in time and see how Fran looked the first time you did her, I bet you will be impressed with your increase in weight and how much better your pullups look :-).  Keep up the good work WE are WOWed and AWEd by you all the time!  Did you PR FRAN today?

Jason Kaplan’s Fran in under 2 minutes!

FRAN 17 Jan 2012

21-15-9 (thrusters (95/65) and pullups)