Was that your New Years Resolution?  Out with the old in with the new?

Each year around this time, dozens of my friends make promises to themselves:
“This year, I’m going to stop eating so much junk.” IM Guilty
“This year, I’ll stop drinking so much beer.”
“This year, I’ll drop 20 pounds.” SOOO Guilty of this ONE!
“This is the year.”
It IS the year.  It’s 2012 – not your first year, and not your last. But it’s the most important, because it’s the one in your palm RIGHT NOW. 2012 is the only year of your life that you have the power to change.

We know a bit about change. We USED to believe that change happened when you firmly believed in something; visualized success; gritted your teeth, clenched your butt, and walking through fire. 
And now we know better. Change means appreciating what you’re ALREADY doing right – even if you think it’s nothing. Change means doing the easy stuff first – learning to squat, the proper way, before picking up a heavy bar and trying to do an olympic lift.  JUST the foundational movements of CrossFit. I could go on forever, but you get  the point.

Change means recognizing progress without the  bathroom scale.  Mine is officially thrown OUT!!! WOO HOO!
 This isn’t stuff you’re taught in school; it’s the lessons learned through trial and error; through hundreds of successful clients, and our own personal failures. There are no natural athletes here; no “fast metabolisms” or “naturally gifted” exercisers.  If your old or new to this blog what are your goals or changes you want to be made?

Bye Bye to 2011   The year got off to a start with Jenn’s Bootcamp rockin!!!  15 people braving Jenn’s late night 6:30 pm antics…She has lots of great things in store for you!  As well as a kick a$$ special.  Sign a 3 month contract and its only 99 a month for 3 months.

CrossFit classes are back in full swing even under a tad bit of construction. Which a big Thank you for your patience!  Also a big thank you to Matt Farr, Jeff Baker, April Bradshawn and her husband, Ryan Barrett, Mile, James Donnelly his buddy, Jo (Shawns woman 😉 my hubby, Jenn Heitmann, Chad Liggitt and…..IF I MISSED SOMEONE i apologize!!!

As far as a recap of 2011, it was a great year from my perspective.  Definetely didnt get to WOD as often as possible, but the most awesome part is observing our members continuing to make improvements in strength and movement long after some in other programs have plateaued. This is testament mostly to their hard work and dedication.
As we enter the resolution season I am hearing rumblings of people starting   Paleo, no drinking staying more committed etc….

  Here’s where I’m at on the subject, I too am starting paleo or the Whole 30 actually Im on Day 3 of my advocare cleanse…(honestly i feel horrible i have a vice grip on my head im tired, sluggish, but i know at the end of these 10 days i will feel and maybe fit into my jeans a little better.  Im actually going to start the Whole 30 which i will post more about in a couple of weeks My weakness has been a cold beer every now and then.  In the past alcohol is not allowed on the Whole 30 or Paleo so that will be my challenge. Like i’ve always said if you’re drinking alcohol the chances are good that you will snack on other shitty food while “under the influence”.   So this is my WELL Im trying not to say or use the word resolution.  Just a better ME

What are some of your goals, resolutions, or out with the old in with the New?

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