We had a lot of new athletes come train with us today and several visitors from area affiliates.  Melanie and Susie from P3 (www.p3crossfit.com) came by to get their workout in while John is at the Crossfit Games.  Thank you for stopping by. We will be coming to train with you at P3 in the very near future.  Another P3 member, Steven, stopped by yesterday and killed the WOD.  His intensity was off the charts.

Myles and Dustin came by for a workout today. They are the first group of Pearland high school athletes to come train with us and learn about what elite fitness is all about.  I can assure you there will be many more to follow.  Everyone who has discovered Crossfit will tell you that had they known about this when they were in high school it would have easily taken them to the next level.  Watch out for these Oilers and keep an eye on them this season. #10 and #29!!!

Susie and Melanie recovering after giving it 100%. Nice work girls.

Dustin and Myles will be the ones to watch for the Pearland Oilers. Great work today.

Yes, we do have A LOT of fun as well. It is about being a better person, not just about being fit.