GOOD Luck to APRIL, Franchelle, Alana and Taylor…I think ya’ll are the running crew today in San Antonio!  Stay positive, stay focused and don’t start out like a jack rabbit!  🙂 Happy that you have each other for support!  More words from APRIL in the post today 🙂

Fill up my bucket!  I am sure at some point someone will tear the computer out of my hand and say ENOUGH we don’t want to hear about the effectiveness of positive versus negative.  So I want to repost April’s comment to the blog the other day.  IT really speaks to what makes DAVID come back, everyone inquiring about his health, wanting to help  him, Paris and Ireland cheering him on! Welcoming EVERYONE no matter where they are on the health and fitness spectrum AND making them a part of our PFC Family! April’s fitness journey has been the best testimony for Crossfit!  I am SO PROUD to be her friend!

Here is what April said about our BOX and PFC Family.

I have only seen great things from my PCF facebook friends, everyone is willing to talk about their struggles, imperfections AND THEIR SUCCESSES. Beyond thoughtful. Its great to know that I can be okay with not being perfect. I realize that I will never be perfect, but I am the best person that I know how to be. And I am person that learns from others, those that are there willing to teach me in a positive way and in a manner that is considered “corrective criticism” and not judging me because I am NOT perfect and knows that we all have faults. Facebook is a great place to share our experiences. I think that our PCF family does an amazing job at letting each other know that we understand the mental and physical pain everyone goes through. I know that I would not have been near as successful if I was doing this alone, or without those that are willing to say, “its okay, today is not your day to RX, but I have no doubts you will kill it next time” or for someone to say, “its okay that you fall off the paleo wagon, as long as you get back on it as quickly as possible and dont do it often..just dont quit”. So long story short, thank you to those of you that have been true to yourselves about your struggles and proud of your baby step accomplishments. Thank you to everyone that has been there to congratulate me on every monumental crossfit victory, whether it was the first pull up with bands, the first book jump, and/or the first RX. Without your thoughtfulness and sincere encouragement…I would not be 45 lbs lighter and a million times healthier. FORVER GRATEFUL :)