Ready Set Go!!!!

A typical Thursday at Pearland Crossfit, fewer folks working out.  But those who did work out did it with their normal fire and intensity!  The 4:15PM class was treated as guinea pigs.  They had programmed 5 rounds for time (400m run, 12 burpee box jumps, 10 SDHP, and 10 Thrusters)… it was way long!  Have you set your next fitness goals?  IF so share with us.  We are here to be your cheerleaders!

WOD – see the photo some did 400m runs each round, others did 200m each round

5 rounds for time
12 burpee box jumps
10 SDHP (95/65)
10 Thrusters (95/65)

From November 14, 2011

Bootcamper WOD

From November 14, 2011



  1. #1 No bands in a WOD by Jan 31
    #2 Run another half marathon and take off at least 15 minutes.
    #3 Reach a 300+ deadlift
    #4 Climb a rope
    #5 Muscle up by the end of 2012
    #6 Head Stand push up by March 31
    #7 Lose the last 20 lbs of my goal by March 31.
    #8 Clean and Jerk 175 lbs by May 31
    #9 Compete in as many as challenges as possible, and do the standard divisions by May
    #10 Eat as clean as I possibly can!!!!
    I hope I didn’t overload you with the goals! LOL….I have a lot of work to do!

  2. Do you still have an opening for the Half Marathon I know someone who would like to run?

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