One of the truly unexpected benefits of participating in CrossFit are the bonds and friendships that form from working in such a tightly knit community under extraordinary circumstances. In a way, it’s like relationships that are forged in battle – built on foundation of a common struggle and facing down your fears as one. There’s a unifying commitment to something that many people consider nuts, even though we know that the results that come out of this undertaking extend not only to health and fitness but reach deep into our lives and change much about who we are and what we know about ourselves. With that being said its amazing what i see as you pour out your blood sweat & tears! Your friends, your “family” our great box and you all make it as great as it is. Taking on these Regional Wods are hard and watching you all stay & cheer everyone on is exactly why we do & love CrossFit and make Pearland CrossFit the box that it is.
What benefits have you noticed from CrossFit outside of the world of heath and fitness?

As a reminder, the South Central Regional will take place on June 17-19 in Tomball, TX at Oakland Farm and Ranch. Note that this is a three-day event, beginning on the morning of Friday the 17th. This is great just to see and Watch!!


100 Pull Ups
100 Swings 53/ 35
100 Double Unders/or 200 singles
100 OH Squats 95/65

There was alot of Modifications today so hope you are journaling some i didnt get exact weight

Lori 65/45, 46:20 ripped hands!
April 45, 53:50, 3bands ENJOY SEAWORLD! & eat some dippin dots after this wod today i said so!!!
Chad 65, 31:34
Jose 65, 31:22
Myron 45,25:13
Sidia 45/55, 47:38
Neey 65, 42:47
Ross 65, 44:42
John 65, 41:19
kat 65,55,45 44:06