Today we decided to repeat a workout we did just five days ago for a variety of reasons. We first wanted you to come into a workout with a clear memory of how you did previously.  We typically repeat workouts every 4-6 weeks and you have no distinct recollection of the WOD, how you could have done better nor how difficult it was.  Today you had the opportunity to relive the regrets we all have after a WOD when we think back to the times we could have pushed harder on one movement or not breaking sets on another movement.

Secondly, as an athlete we always fear the unknown (WOD’s we have never done or do not remember doing), thus we tend to work our way through the WOD’s more conservatively than we should. Doing a WOD you clearly remember provides a sense of comfort in that you know you can finish the WOD, you know it is not as bad as you thought it would be and you realize you could have pushed yourself a little more, thus you will start the WOD faster and hold a stronger pace throughout.

Lastly, you know your WOD time Friday and you know you if you push yourself that you can beat that time today.  Not much has changed in the last 5 days in regards to your fitness level so the only way to beat your time is to push that intensity and test your perceived threshold.  These are the times you make the biggest difference in your fitness.

6 rounds
10 Deadlifts 225/155 lbs
15 Pushups
20 Double Unders (80 singles)

  1. Kevin 17:05 rx’d
  2. Lori 16:05 115 lbs/modified pushups (mpu)
  3. David 10:43 singles
  4. Joey 12:19 rx’d
  5. Drew 7:20 rx’d
  6. Jake 1726 singles
  7. Jerry 18:51 115 lbs/singles
  8. Jacob 22:14 185 LBS
  9. Torie 14:06 135 lbs
  10. Nate 10:28 rx’d
  11. Jody 16:43 rx’d
  12. Tiffany 16:38 rx’d/singles
  13. Shawn F. 15:14 rx’d/singles
  14. Jason 18:17 rx’d/singles
  15. Felix 20:23 205 lbs
  16. Sidia 17:11 rx’d
  17. Neey 19:18 rx’d

Great work today.