The RINGS are up!  HURRAY! GUYS, the Rings are so awesome!  Just a friendly reminder… the rings are not TOYs, they are not SWINGs, they are gymnastic equipment put up for that purpose.  Please use them appropriately and make sure any children in the gym are using them correctly as well.

We are counting down until Registration for the Crossfit Games Open… registration starts February 1, 2012.  There wasn’t even one comment on our first post daring YOU to come up with excuses to not register to participate in the open.  I can come up with a long list of GREAT reasons to not try here is a start:

  • I might break a nail
  • My sweat band might get drenched
  • I might tear
  • I hate being abraded (on the A$$)
  • I’ll have to workout too hard