Saturdays 9/11 Tribute and Hero WOD

Great turnout today.  Keep up the hard work. Trust me, it pays off.

Occasionally we find places we really enjoy and will share them with you.  If you are in the mood for Bar-b-que give this place a shot.  They are open on Saturdays only, but do handle catering for private events. They are really nice folks and the food is great!.

2501 Culen
Pearland TX
(832) 813 9233

WOD: Teams of 6 completed 2,976 reps (number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks) of the following exercises. Each team rotated every 1:42 or 1.7 minutes (the towers were hit 17 minutes apart). 2 people at a time could work representing the 2 twin towers.

Box jumps
Wall Balls 10/14
Pass throughs

The workout lasted well over 40 minutes. Again great job honoring those who lost their life.

Hero WOD. “Helton”:
3 rounds
800 meter run
30 squat cleans 100/65
30 burpees

  1. Kevin 44:29 65 lbs
  2. Lindsey 38:14 63 lbs
  3. Shawn 42:37 Rx’d
  4. Kat 53:32 63 lbs

This was really a spirit killer.

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