Shhhhhh! It is a SECRET!

Maybe not quite a secret, but the WOD of the day isn’t posted at the start of the day for a reason.  There are many folks who will avoid the BOX if they know what is in store for them.  They will conveniently take the day off as a rest day because they hate running, hate KAREN or DREAD the thought of 100 reps of ANYTHING.  THE WODs at PCF are well thought out and programmed PURPOSEFULLY.  Hints like bring your running shoes or be prepared for pull-ups are one thing…but telling the whole world what is in store for them…let’s leave it a surprise…. so on that theme…

You are oh so very proud of yourself – AND you should be; YOU came into the BOX and mastered the WOD, maybe master isn’t the right word for this particular WOD, maybe you SURVIVED it.  The main thing is YOU WANT to SHARE that info with all of your FACEBOOK Friends!  The PROBLEM with this is YOU are FB FRIENDS with EVERYONE who works out later in the DAY.  Now they know what is in store for them and can change their mind about working out.  Not everyone will do this but there are a few crossfitters who will.  So, be discrete about it.  Make is sound difficult, but enticing.  AND tomorrow… well tomorrow YOU can POST on FB how badly you wanted to KILL ANGIE yesterday!

WOD November 23, 2011 ANGIE

100 reps pullups

100 pushups

100 sit ups

100 squats

modification do 25 of each 4 rounds for time

From PCF with CHAD 2011-11-23


  1. Sorry this post sucks wall balls!
    If someone doesn’t want to come workout b/c they read something on FB… Well, it’s like not counting all your reps. It’s your workout, your body and your problem if “knowing” the WOD keeps you out of the box b/c you don’t like to run…. grow a pair and show up! :)

    • There are two philosophies on this. The knowing and the unknowing, but the coaches seem to mostly fall on the unknowing side. I think consistency is the key. Do it one way or the other.

  2. A true crossfitter should come regardless.

  3. I think people are going to make the decision to come work out or not regardless of what the workout is. There are those folks that will find any excuse to skip out.

    As members we’re paying for the privilege of the using the gym…might as well make the most of it, otherwise you’re just wasting your money. Anyone can sit on their butt at home for free.

    Personally, I don’t mind if people want to skip out on a WoD…leaves more room for the rest of us to get stronger.

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