LOVE is in the Air & Dont you just love to read the whiteboard and say to yourself “Ahh Short & sweet”!! Not so much today it snuck up on you!! BUT it was Short, Sweet maybe, but it sounded good!!!

We have a good group of on rampers dont forget introduce yourself & make them feel comfortable!

MORNING GROUP LOVING the BIG classes and also a big Shout out to David & Velma who have been coming to 5:15 religiously since we opened!!!!! Braving ALL elements of the weather ALL the time!!!
I almost forgot Jody Wearing her RXD on Pull Ups PROUD

WOD 21-15-9

Wall Balls
Pull UPs
KB SWings

Fay 9:12
Tori 9:35 1band
Velma 9:37 1band
Lori 8:10 MOD
Meg (Fit Test) Welcome
Rene 10:37 MOD 2bands
Jody 8:50 Rx
Kristen 9:06 1band 26kb
Jen 8:24 1band
Claudia 9:33 MOD 1band
Tammeka 7:42 2band
Jennifer 9:32 MOD 1band
Anthony 8:59 Rx
David 8:50 1band
Kyle 7:16 Mod 1band
Kevin 7:33 Rx
Ross 8:22 Rx
John 10:53 1band Mod
Joey 8:28 Rx
Jerry 11:46 Mod Band
Garrett 8:30 Rx