Much thanks Randal “Smooth” Blackmon for sharing your CrossFit story!  We are truly blessed with some inspiring athletes!

randallCrossfit has had a huge impact on my life in 2012. I was at an all time low in my fitness and nutrition. I weighed 215 lbs and 21% body fat, a 40+lb gain and 10% body fat gain from my most fittest point in ’09. Since I started CrossFit in August 2012, I’ve lost 20lbs and dropped down to 14% Body Fat! Not only have my physical gains been great, I have gained some of the closest friends and people that genuinely care about my well being in my life. My confidence has sky rocketed! Never did I think that a program would get me in this good of shape and have this closely nit group of friends! Crossfit, Pearland Crossfit has changed my life for the better!







And now, today’s whiteboard final.


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