Snatching again! NOT just in the PCF wod today…it is the entire WOD for the open WOD 12.2! OH MY! This is the most complex and difficult of the Olympic lifts! Practice – Develop that Muscle memory and breathe…those are the two things that I hear Shawn McDonald say over and over again!

Scroll down to the bottom for Ryann’s picture of the day!  Here is the first group of PC fitters who attempted to conquer WOD 12.2. Thanks to Ryann for sharing her photo :-)!

Check out the WOD description and watch the movement videos so that you will have a better understanding of what you are up against!

November blog posting with a video of Full Snatch SNATCHING

September blog posting with links to Coach Burgener’s warmup and tips… SNATCHING 2

WOD 50 wall balls, 40 pushups, 30 box jumps, 20 pull ups, 10 snatch (full, squat snatch), 5 rope climbs or muscle ups

Did you push yourself? Did you give it your all? KEEP it UP!