So my weekend consisted of Baseball, birthday parties, etc etc etc every typical mom duty, BUT one thing Chris Spealler my all time favorite “guy” athlete was competing this weekend in Regionals….WELLL him and Khalipa are in a close running! Anyways need to get back on track with what im writhing about.  OK so a breakdown Spealler is the only CrossFit athlete to make it to the games since the first one at the Ranch in Aroma, CA.  Last year he ended up in well I dont know he was there and it was amazing.  OK so my weekend also consisted of Linz calling me about every 4 to 6 hours all weekend giving me updates on Spealler.  He so far has had the fastest Diana time and was still hugging 5th and 6th place.  I was sad, but like I told Linz it will come to the last day. And it did!!! HE made it.  NOW IM PUMPED and Ready for the Games!! So for those that know and love Spealler, an incredible athlete, who after this weekend makes you realize anything is possible.  Speallers words HE ONCE STATED: ” Be Patient. Your Fitness level is something that is going to generally take a long time to get to where you think you want it.  And when your there, you will want it higher.  Dont define yourself by your numbers and times.  DEFINE yourself by who you are and what your about.  CrossFit is something that you do, it is not who you are.  That can help keep things in good perspective.  This sums up the type of athlete and more importantly what kind of guy he is.





Deadlifts 225/155                                                                                                                                The pic was sideways then i flipped it and it shrunk if it doesnt get better by double clicking message me and ill send

Also THANK YOU to Dr. Pendergrass for coming to Foam Rolling class.