I am GUILTY!  WAY Guilty of forgetting to REST!  Dead giveaway that this blog post is not being written by KAT 🙂.  AND REST is so very important to the RECOVERY formula, to you becoming the best athlete possible.  AND STRESS well letting STRESS get to you is just BAD for your overall health PERIOD…more on that topic another day!  There were times 2 years ago before I started Crossfitting that I would have run 3-4 miles very early in the morning, do a fitness class at LA Fitness AND go back for a 30 min cardio workout plus 30 min with a personal trainer in ONE DAY!  I am so fortunate that I DIDN’T DAMAGE my body!  I still do some two a days (running as one workout, and Crossfit WOD as the second), but I am trying to take at least 2 REST days every week (confession time – I usually only take one day of total rest and do an interval run/jog/walk the other day)!  SINCE incorporating REST into my programming I have indeed gotten stronger, put on some more muscle mass and I feel better!Not only is rest important, but what you do immediately following your workouts is just as important as the workout itself.  Proper nutrition and Post-Workout Recovery are part of your formula for crossfitting SUCCESS!  Get together with one of our wonderful PCF coaches and talk to them about Post-Workout Recovery.  Shawn is constantly recommending to us that we take ibuprofen & vitamin C directly after a workout and to get that 30g of protein into your body within 30 minutes of your workout. Kat and Linz suggest that you try Advocare’s post workout recovery formula, and check into other Advocare products as well.  IT is BEST to talk to a PCF coach so that they can help you develop the BEST RECOVERY plan for you.Researching the importance of REST, the impact of STRESS and RECOVERY, I found the following….REST and Recovery Articles that YOU might find to be HELPFUL on your PCF journey!  Work hard, Play hard, REST easy…








    Kat here i cant stress enough to you all how important a day off of CrossFit can do for you.  If your not feeling it tired, no energy didn’t sleep, WELL sometimes its not worth the WOD or the injury that COULD possibly happen.  Thanks Fay for the great blog!

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