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GALS this is FOR YOU!!!!! Too MANY to name Velma who has been coming every morning @ 5:15 since we opened & probably hasnt missed a Sat. Jody your a FORCE to be recokend with. Renne your a Fighter and an inspiration, Jenn your coming back full FORCE just like “the good ole days at the Park” Taylor WOW girl your rockin it no matter what, The SISTERS Lanae & Tori ALSO 1 word Beastly, Jamie shes going to be Fast as Lightning, Fay WonderWoman soo Glad you Joined us Tammeka shes quiet but MAD SKILLS & determination, Sidia WOW youve come along way since the beginning, Tiffany i think your the sweetest & Strongest Girl in the box sometimes I think you could easily take on ALL the boys. Lori is Also going to go far in CrossFit I HAVE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE WITH SUCH DETERMINATION!!!! Kristen she can miss a week and its like she never missed a Beat, Radhika YOur Strong and you KNOW it!!!!

OK sooo if i left someone out its NOT because you dont stand out in our minds. But most of you are probably ready to take on a competition if your ready OR if thats what your interested in and LUCKY you there Is one Coming UP so if your ready let us know and we will Strart preparing you!!!!
CrossFit Houston’s
2011 Girls ONLY Spring Challenge
Save the Date: Sat. May 7th
Stay tuned for details on registration