We are sorry we erased Saturdays WOD results before we took a picture. If anyone took a pic of the results please send it to us so we can post them.

Todays WOD was short and sweet.

AMRAP 10 minutes
Max rep deadlifts 255/175
200 meter run

If you drop weight of take a break during the deadlifts you must immediately run 200 meters
The goal is to get as few rounds as possible and as many deadlifts as possible, The run is essentially punishment for resting on deadlifts. We tried to get everyone to not just do as many deadlifts as they thought they could, but to do as many deadlifts as their body allowed (meaning there was actual grip or leg failure).

Shawn M. 14-9-10-6-6 Rx’d (each number is deadlifts done each round)
Ross 13-9-9-6-9-8 185 lbs
Jon 13-11-7-5-5-3 185 lbs
Cody 15-7-5-5-1 Rx’d (great seeing you again my friend)
Sidia 12-5-7-5-6 Rx’d
Fay 14-7-6-5-5-4 155 lbs
April 14-5-7-8 135 lbs

Great WOD. A lot of suffering today!