HMMM….what to say about form and Overhead Squats. You all know better so some of you may have figured out at the end of the WOD its okay to drop weight NOT worry about RX on board and work on form.  Shoulder flexibility is an issue for alot of people males especially.  If this is you like many check our this site is just incredible! BOTTOM line!!!  If your unfamiliar with shoulder mobility stretches, wods, ask one of your coaches and we will be glad to show you a few.  Again if you have trouble with overhead squats drop the weight & go back to the basics!!!  its HOT IN HERE are you staying hydrated!???



21 Overhead Squats

21 GHD/Mat Sit ups

400 Meter Run

15 OH Squats

15 GHD/Mat Sit ups

200 Meter Run

9 OH Squats

9 GHD/Mat Sit ups

100 Meter Run