The 0515AM Class

We would like to introduce our EARLY morning PEEPs… AND at 515 in the morning who is awake enough to take any photos or videos of these troopers? Taylor, Suzanne, Stephanie, Braden, Amy, Dawn, Mitch, Gilbert, Wendy, Bruce, Fay and I hope they are able to come back to us soon (Lori and Dave) show up day in and day out to work through the WOD! Alana and Taylor R. come some early mornings so we will call them honorary 515ers. Most of you don’t know the regular 515 members because they are not afternoon crossovers :-) AND without photographic evidence how do you know that they even exist!!!! LOL
Can you say IMPROVEMENT? By sticking with their commitment to Crossfit, these PCF members are all stronger and faster. Yesterday morning Dawn and Suzanne worked on getting up against the wall in a handstand hold. These tenacious women kept trying during the entire half Tabata and after the situp half tabata they were at it again. Braden got up there and is developing his form! I know I keep adding to my list of things that I want to improve…can I fit working on them into a cool down or warm up every workout…NO! BUT the things that are my weaknesses I work on at odd times and hopefully they will soon be strengths….
AND yes Shawn! I know I pull too soon… I will keep working on that!

WOD September 29, 2011


  • 50M Lunges – morning classes probably did more like 40M of walking lunges each round
  • 150M Sprint


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE my 5:15am peeps! You all keep me going, keep me laughing, and keep me coming back for more! Honored by the shout-out and strive to make you all as proud of me as I am of you!! xo

  2. Hey this is Braden. I am 11 years old and I get up at 5:00 to go work out several days a week. I have lots of fun and I still have a really great work out. I love the people in my class because they keep going when I want to stop. I meet new people and I also see friends. It’s a hard workout, but you feel great when you are done.

  3. Oh yea! The 5:15 AM class totally rocks. Even though I am taking a short leave of absence….there will not be any hesitation to get back with my peeps! Love love love them! Shoot I love all the classes I can attend! I hope to see everyone soon. Keep working hard PCF family. Get that weight up…keep going. You can do it!

  4. We really are missing you Lori!

  5. Confession: I haven’t read the new blog until today but it’s Friday afternoon and I don’t feel like working. I just wanted to say “thanks Fay” – you have a special gift in inspiring people in person at 5:15 in the morning and in your written words! I love my 5:15 class and so cheers to waking up and coming back for more!

  6. Thanks Wendy! As we all travel on this Crossfit journey to better health I think it is important to share our struggles and successes! Better to learn from another’s mistake when one can! IT will be 515 on Monday before we know it!!!!

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