The Blues

I have been wanting to write this for the past week, but ponder and everynight I would change it and then finally I read something tonight that struck a cord so deep that I knew it was time!!  Im going to go out on a limb and say it was a sign! 

First of ALL I love CrossFit and well somewhere along the way I fell “hard” completely out of Love with everything CrossFit.  It was no Longer fun to me anymore! Well I’m a coach and strive to be the best coach I can be, so I was questioning if you all could see it?  Lets go back a couple months.  A few major things happened in my life well not a few MANY things happened.  First off the opening of the gym which no regrets, But i opened the gym with my sister who was  not only my favorite work out partner, best motivator and i could go on forever here.  Shawn…well like a brother and no one or coach pushes me like he does and im sure that goes back to we started CrossFit together and he knew how to make me go faster, lift heavier, and just want to be a better CrossFitter.  Well when you open a box not all3 of us could be there together so eventually we never trained together talked about “our” work outs anymore and well then you know the story Linz got pregnant…..we got busy you all were our first priority.  Many other things happened my daughter got sick, I got bronchitis twice, once lead to phenomia, a death in the family that brought me down & not spending the time i wanted to with my oh so sweet husband…..  WELL all this lead to fewer and far between WODS losing strength, falling off the paleo wagon, gaining 13lbs, and just not caring anymore about CrossFit.  Never stopped caring about yalls sucess just mine!

You know how it is being defeated in your Wods well this was happening everyday! 

A few things happened I went to Regionals and it was so inspiring that I told myself I may not have the time to compete, but I want to give it my all and try my damdest to be  as good as those girls, and ofcourse LOOK like them.  (YES nutrition “paleo” is going to do that) Its really motivating to see people digging deep finding that inner Beast and releasing it.  Makes you want to jump in and breathe some fire yourself, just to see if you can. 

A text from a friend referring to the fact that maybe i was not giving it my all and that maybe i was a Debbie Downer to workout with and i thought for a Second and said to myself “I will Show You” Coming full force with a guns a blazing!!!!  True Kat Style ;) he he he

THEN came along my NEW 9:30 AM class. Let me give you a run down of my 9:30 class they Rock! They are well crazy, they make me laugh, they love doing extra work with me and well Sidia motivates me and says things that well just made me start to love CrossFit again.  It  is usually , Ross, Kevin, Neey, Sidia, Stephanie, Alexis, Lisa, Taryn, April and sometimes Garrett.  (if i left anyone out i apologize)  This crew made it fun. And ofcourse in the back of my mind I know Linz is coming back soon!!  Sidia pushes me and I feel like this group honestly is rooting for me to get better again!! SOO thank you crew I love being apart of this ”cult”….(isnt that what the outsiders call us;)   

If you are feeling defeated, tired or just falling out of Love with CrossFit,  Iwill always tell you all that CrossFit is a long-term relationship. There’s love, disappointment, disgust, elation, pain, endorphins, mind-games, simple acceptance, setbacks, growth, a little cursing, a lot of smiles sometimes tears and the list goes on….This is what i read today so Im going to share!

THE CrossFit Blues by Lisbeth Darsh

I’ve fallen out of love with CrossFit more times than I can remember. There have been days when I never wanted to hear the word “WOD” again. Times when I did not want to join a class, did not want to work out, did not want to read/listen/see anything CrossFit. I’ve had the CrossFit Blues.

But I’ve also fallen in love with CrossFit so many more times than I can count.

See, CrossFit is like any relationship: after a while, we may start to take things for granted. We begin to expect, instead of hope. We begin to demand, instead of ask. The bloom is off. We’re not sure we even like anything about that person anymore.

If it happens in love, why not in CrossFit?

But the real question is: What do you do about the CrossFit Blues?

You can wallow and walk away forever. Won’t solve much though. You’ll just end up trying to find what you’re looking for in P90X or triathlons, or the bottle, or worse: Zumba. (Hahaha. Sorry, Zumba fans, couldn’t resist.)

Or you can do what I do: take it back to basics. A series of dates with the bar in an empty gym. Nobody else, no clock –  just movement and memory. Remind your body what CrossFit feels like at the most elemental level. More importantly, remind your soul.

And, if you’re anything like me, somewhere in the middle of that fourth day of solo WODs, when your quads are screaming in that 48th air squat or you’re fighting to get your chest off the deck in that 10th push-up, or you’re cursing out the wall-balls, somewhere there the fever breaks. And you’re back. CrossFit’s back. And you want to turn the damn clock back on again. You want to get better and faster and stronger. You want to earn your fitness again. You remember why you loved CrossFit to begin with. And why you can’t give it up now.

And then you rejoin the Land of the Living. You walk into the gym the next day and the world looks fresh again. CrossFit looks fresh again. Everybody in that damn gym looks better than ever. And somebody yells “3-2-1-Go!” and you kind of smile. You’re back. Hello CrossFit, I missed you so much. God, I love you . . .

Helen is a bitch huh!?


400 Meter Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull Ups
3Rounds FT

i tried a million times to flip…Sorry!:(


  1. Nicole O'Brien says:

    I’m sure this hit home with many of us! It does with me….We’re growing into a fantastic family here; filled with people who motivate and support us through the good times and the bad and, for me remind me to “get movin” when it’s time to get moving. In a relationship you need this. And hopefully there is at least one peson who asks you, “why do you Crossfit?” making YOU recall YOUR initial drive…. loose weight, GET STRONGER, move faster, ect. These are the type of people we all should surround ourselves with on a regular basis. We are lighter, stronger and faster, we are empowered!

  2. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts with us Kat! You always work hard to make “us” feel special and to make “us” feel like we can do anything. We need this and hope that we give that back to you! If we aren’t doing enough of that then maybe we need to have an inspire the coach moment on the board! With so many members now it should be easy for at least one person every day to write something inspiring or at least a short thank you for that special “coach” moment that helped us get through the workout or even that day. Because you (all of the PCF coaches) are different and have different strengths you make PCF a very strong community. Thanks for all you do to make us stronger, fitter and healthier!

  3. Thanks for posting this Kat! I appreciate and admire you saying what I know I have gone through and many of us have or will. When I “broke up” with CF a year and half ago after meeting Shawn almost every single morning at 6am in the park for two years I thought walking away from it was going to make me happy. I was burned out, resented getting up, resented the WODs and had no love for CF anymore. I went back to a globo gym and was good for about a month before things went south. There was no one pushing me to get stronger, work harder and just be better. The steps on the stair master were doing just what they do, keeping me in place and not going anywhere. I became lazy and unmotivated and in four months gained almost 30 pounds. I am thankful every day that Shawn, Lindsey and Katherine opened the PCF gym and saved my sanity. I started CF the second time in worse shape than when I did the first but thanks to our AMAZING coaches and all the support from my wonderful fellow family members at PCF I’m in better shape now than I was before and have fallen back in love with CF. We all get tired and burned out at times but if you ever feel like walking away, just know there is someone there ready to pick you up and get you back on track. Thank you, thank you Shawn, Lindsey and Kat for opening the gym, it saved my life :) and to everyone who I sweat and swear next to every day thank you for pushing me, motivating me and keeping this love affair going strong :)

  4. so cool. i like it.

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