All you have to do to create a buzz is to NOT share information about some upcoming event.  INTERESTING that the word CHALLENGE and COMPETITION have created such a BUZZ among the PCF family.  and lest another person ASK me…I DO NOT know what is up with this challenge, I AM just as clueless as everyone else and I AM HAPPY that WAY! 🙂  The top questions I have heard since the FB posting about this are 1) WHAT do you KNOW 2) WHEN will this START 3) WILL this involve weight loss and 4) HOW long will it LAST?  I love that we are all so enticed by this upcoming Coach/Athlete Challenge….it shows how much we are all invested in CROSSFIT!

Happy Birthday JILL!  🙂

AND a shout out to Jody C.!  Your positive comments and affirmations are really appreciated.  Keep up the good work and continue to challenge yourself!

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