Well it is just about over, its almost done. The brutal Wednesday’s when we find out what horrible workout they have in store for us are done. And if anyone is like me, they found their true weakness’, and ate one heck of a humble pie. But in the end, we will see who the “Open” says is the fittest man/woman on earth.

Now, we all know there is a long road ahead for these athletes, and in the next few months we will know who the fittest truly is. On July 15 it will all be over, the hype will come to an end, and we will have a year to build up to 2013.

What does this mean? For many of you, it’s just another day, and to others it’s the Super Bowl. But has anyone looked past July 15?

The reason I ask this question is for one reason…. What are YOUR goals? We all talk about our goals, loose weight, loose inches, get stronger, lift more, set PR’s.  But does anyone truly take the time to ask someone else what their goal is.

We all watch each other, we cheer each other on, and we high five each other at the end of a WOD. But has anyone helped a fellow Crossfitter achieve their goal. I ask because I think it is time for our Pearland Crossfit to get involved in each other.


Now I am going to touch on a sensitive subject, but I feel it ties into the above information.


The word of the day is ……..CHEATING!!!!

I know, we all hate to think about it and we know who we are…… it’s all of us. At one time or another everyone in this Gym has shaved a rep, cut a corner, not completed a proper movement, lied on the almighty white board, and heck, I’ll say it….. shaved an entire ROUND. It happens and we all have been there, but does shaving a rep, a round, a couple seconds off our WOD get us to our goal? It doesn’t and it won’t. It is time to start focusing on our goals, and truly working towards them. If you set a goal, hold yourself to the goal. Hold yourself accountable, and achieve whatever that goal may be as honestly as possible. Because in the end, it is your goal and it is you who has to be satisfied with the results.


So let’s hear it Pearland family…. What are your goals? We want to see them, we want to hear them, and we want to hold each other to them. Focus on your goals, and help another to achieve theirs. And maybe next year…. that pie tastes a little bit sweeter.