Love it, or Hate it….The White Board is a component of all Crossfit Boxes.  Some boxes use it differently than others, but for the most part it is the BOARD.  IT is just a place for

  • The Warm-Up
  • The WOD
  • Your Name and stats Your Time/Rounds and Rx or Scaled
  • Special notes / notices
  • Reminders / Announcements

We all look at the board when we walk in to the BOX.  We not only look, most of us almost hold our breath in anticipation or perhaps a better descriptor is the word dread.  It is NOT meant to be a tool for comparing yourself to other people.  Coming to the BOX day in and day out is about YOU NOT how you size up compared to other people!  EVERYONE at PCF started Crossfit at a different place physically, emotionally and you can’t get away from the genetics that program how your body is different from someone elses!

The white board is there to record how you did just in case you didn’t capture it, so that you can journal about it later AND you SHOULD be journaling your workouts including the strength and skills we do.  Your journal is your guidebook, in it you will record your Crossfit GOALs; the things that you would like to improve.  Write down the things that are inside of you that motivate you so that on those days when you are down you can take a quick look and say to yourself… oh that is why I am here :-).  BE POSITIVE and Keep reviewing your GOALs!  Keep a list of your Max for each key olympic lift!

Note in my journal...Must get chin out of the way on the next push jerk!

Remember to write down your first shin injury, your third chin push press/jerk  injury and or your tenth really bad hand tear!

October 6, 2011 WOD

10 RTF

  • 3 DL 75% of your max
  • 5 clapping push ups
  • 7 situps